Rio De Janeiro, Brazil City Guide

Rio De Janeiro


Rio is a fascinating city with plenty to do and see. Be sure check out the Christo and Sugar Loaf. A great way to spend your day is watching babes on Ipanema Beach and partying it up with the locals in Lapa at night, it has everything you need for an awesome trip!

C.O.H  4/5

C.O.L  4/5

Q.O.G  4.6 / 5

The Girls

Brasil in general has some of the hottest girls on the planet, so Rio is no exception! Just strolling the streets you will develop neck cramps from constantly turning your head. The girls are use to gringos in Rio so you are gonna have to put in alittle work to score some non pro tale. Def gonna need to brush up on your Portuguese also because the majority of middle class chicks dont speak good English.


Rio has alot to offer in the nightlife department, only thing is you are gonna need to be in the loop to find them on the best nights! You should also try and experience a few street parties and if you are brave enough go check out a Brazilian funk party in a favela!

Night Clubs

00 (Zero Zero):      Club located in Gavea that plays a wide arrange of music

Casa da Matriz:      Younger crowd, abit on the alternative side located in Botofogo.

Nuth:                         Spacious night club located in Barra de Tijuca. Frequented by the                                          young, hip, and rich crowd.

Baronette:               Exclusive nightclub in Ipanema. Hard to get into and expensive

Melt:                          Two story club in Leblon that plays everything from rock to samba.

Nossa Semhora:    Popular club in Copacabana

Mariuzinn:               Popular club in Copacabana that has been around for a long time

Rio Scenarium:      Big club in Lapa with different floors playing different music

The best street parties can be found in Lapa and Gavea. Lapa is jumping on Friday and Saturday and Gavea is filled with college students on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

To find out about special events and concerts go to and create an account. It will be in Portuguese but just use google translate to read.

Useful Tips

When going out at night leave EARLY! Lines will get huge around 11 so leave around 9:30 or 10 pm. All the talk about Rio being dangerous is over hyped. I walked all around Copacabana and Ipanema at night and had no problems. Just use common sense and you should be alright. The beach and malls are a great place to day game at. Def get yourself a pair of COMFORTABLE flip flops and cut off shirts! It gets mad humid! Also I would recommend checking out Buizos. Its a cool beach town a short bus ride away. In high season it is known as the cancun of Brasil. By the way Rio is the busiest during New Years and in Feb for the world famous Carnival.

Visit for more info on Rio De Janeiro

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