Medellin, Colombia City Guide



Known as the city of “eternal spring”, Medellin is far removed from its days as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. You will find alot of parks that are great to hangout and enjoy the day. You can also make some great day trips to Santa Fe de Antioquia and El Penol. Medellin has an active night scene and is relatively cheap in comparison to some other higher profile South American cities. All in all Medellin is a great place to take a 2 – 3 week vacation!

C.O.H    4 / 5

C.O.L    2.8 / 5

Q.O.G    3.7 / 5

The Girls

There is something about Columbia! These chicks are passionate and exotic! Americans are still alittle bit of a novelty in Columbia so they will take a keen interest to you. Learn to salsa and you will be pulling chicas left and right! The hotter girls will be found in the nicer more affluent areas but they will be harder to game. For most men I would recommend trying to game girls in the neighborrhoods of  Bello, Roblebo, and Manrique.  Here again def brush up on your Spanish because hardly no girls here speak fluent English! Columbian girls are very possessive so be ready to deal with that.


Medellin has a pretty good nightlife / party scene. One if the best options is Barrio Columbia aka Industriales. It has 5-6 clubs that have tons of hot girls with minimal gringos. Check out club Babylon on Thursdays which is ladies night. Also check out Via de Las Palmas, its Medellin’s colorful Las Vega Style party row. For a more local experience go to La 70 in the centro, and also the area called Sabeneta, you will be the only gringo there! You cant go to Medellin without checking out Mangos! Its a huge nightclub with girls dancing everywhere and midgets running around! Another more American style club is Dejavu. It plays alot of hip hop and regeatton.

Useful Tips

If you are looking for hostels check out Casa Kiwi, The Pit Stop, and the Black Sheep. But id recommend getting an apartment Colombian girls will give out their number like it aint nothing soo be sure to get a sim card for an unlocked cell to take advantage of this. You will encounter alot of mixed sets soo be prepared to make friends with the males of the group before getting access to the females. Just bring up small talk about the local soccer team and you will be home free lol.

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