Panama City, Panama City Guide

Panama City


When you think of Central America, dont think of Panama City! It is highly developed and more western than all of Central America combined! They use the USD as their currency. There is plenty to do while in Panama City. Check out the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo de Panama, and the Pearl Islands. Also be sure to check out the San Blas / Kuna Islands! It is a pristine network of islands inhabited by the Kuna Indians! When visiting Central America I would def recommend starting or finishing you trip in Panama City!

C.O.H    3.5 / 5

C.O.L    3.5 / 5

Q.O.G    3.8 / 5

The Girls

The Panamanian women can be quite stunning! They are fairly aggressive and will take the initiative to meet a guy that they like. They are usually short and like their Colombian counterparts they love plastic surgery! So boob jobs, lip jobs are not uncommon. The girls here are old school in that they expect you to open every door and be a gentlemen. They try to be sexy but in a reserved way as most are Catholic. Play your cards right and you can have one hot passionate Panamanian gf! lol

The Nightlife

Panamanians love to party, so expect a timing night pulse! You have plenty of options when it comes to an evening out from just relaxing at a bar to dancing the night away at one of the many nigh clubs!  The four major nightclub areas are the business district, Casco Viejo (Old Town), the Amador Causeway and Calle Uruguay (Bella Vista). The best and most well known spot is Calle Uruguay. It is a street lined with 5-6 clubs that attract Panama’s super sexy and upperclass.

Useful Tips

Check out the local food markets! You wont be disappointed! Also i cant stress this enough, bring some NICE clothes! Panamanians dress up to go out clubbing so you are gonna need to look sharp! Enjoy the city!

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