Beirut, Lebanon City Guide



Beirut is a captivating city known as the Paris of the East.  The city has sleek, modern buildings alongside arabesque Ottoman buildings, giving Beirut a unique and distinctive style often not seen in other Middle Eastern cities.  This city is about progression and having fun!  It has a vibrant nightlife with something going on every night of the week!  This is espicially true in the neighborhoods of Gemmayzeh and Achrafiye.

C.O.H    3.5 / 5

C.O.L    3.3 / 5

Q.O.G    4.3 / 5

The Girls

Lebanese women are regarded as some of the most attractive women on earth, right up there with Brazil!  They love to go out and have fun and express themselves.  Beirut is very westernized and not like most Muslim / Middle Eastern countries. These girls love attention so an aggressive game will work good here! Just dont over do it and go with the flow and pick your spots.  If you dont experience any success on the first night dont worry, by the second and third date you will hit a home run with the proper kino escalation.

The Nightlife

As i mentioned in the overview you will find most of the top nightlife spots in the young and hip neighborhoods of Gemmayzeh and Achrafiye.  The main entertainment center in located in  Rue Monot.  Some of the best clubs are Skybar, The Loft, White, Taboo, and i-Bar.  Popularity and the names to the clubs change from time to time so be sure to ask some fly locals where the hot spots are.

Useful Tips

If you wanna really party than you are gonna need to bring some coin, drinks at the nice clubs cost 10-15 bucks!  Dont bring up religion is Beirut, unless a girl asks you in which case you need to say that you are what ever religion she is whether that is Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.  Dont be surprised if you are turned away at a club if you are not accompanied with women. Try to meet girls through day game, and dont worry because alot of girls speak some English.  Stay out of southern Beirut / Lebanon near the border and Hezbola camps. It is dangerous!

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