City Guide Ratings

Here is a ratings system used to numerically place value on cities based on certain criteria developed by RooshV.

C.O.H (Chance of Hooking Up)

1 out of 5    Highly unlikely you are gonna hookup here

2 out of 5    Still unlikely but you might get lucky

3 out of 5    Not a given but put in the work and you should see results

4 out of 5    Very good chance of hookingup with minimal to moderate effort

5 out of 5    Hookingup here is a given unless you are disfigured

C.O.L (Cost of Living)

1 out of 5    Dirt cheap

2 out of 5    Low cost of living, good bang for the buck

3 out of 5    Moderate cost, but if you budget you can get by on the low

4 out of 5    Fairly expensive in alot of places especially in the clubs and retail

5 out of 5    Really expensive! Look to spend alot of money here

Q.O.G (Quality of Girls)

1 out of 5    Women are down right ugly

2 out of 5    General population isnt great or ideal but you can find a few gems

3 out of 5    Average women with some hotties sprinkled in the mix

4 out of 5    Most women are fairly attractive / better than average

5 out of 5    Smoking hot babes everywhere


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